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Arti e architettura (Italian only)

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Accounts of the first activities by professors and students in the city of Padua were in 1222. At first, lessons took place in the heart of the medieval city spaces made available by religious bodies or by the teachers themselves. In the mid-sixteenth century, the construction of what is now Palazzo Bo began. Like today, it was the nerve centre of the Roman Patavium. The area incorporated pre-existing structures that offered a monumental site capable of representing the role attributed to the Studium by the Venetian state. The masterpieces of the sixteenth century – from the Anatomical Theatre to the Botanical Garden – reflect the thought of intellectuals, humanists, and scientists that shaped them.

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For those eager to discover the scientific wonders that the city of Padua has to offer.

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Libertas (Italian only)

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a cura di:  Andrea Caracausi, Paola Molino, Dennj Solera Presentazione di Daniela Mapelli e Annalisa Oboe PATAVINA LIBERTAS Una storia europea dell’Università di Padova (1222-2022) Progetti Donzelli – Padova University Press, 2022
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