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Hortus miriabilis (English version)

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A pictorial archive of illustrations embodying the Botanical Garden of Padua by exhibiting its artistic and architectural beauty combined with the most beautiful, rare, exotic, ancient, medicinal plants and flowers. Composed by different flowering times of each flora species presented, the book includes a full text of traditional anecdotes covering both scientific and popular culture, with historic forays of the Italian Renaissance and the Republic of Venice.

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hardcover with coloured slipcover jacket

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Mondadori Electa

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Incipit History is a seed; it is invisible to those who live in the present. It is intangible matter. The day hides the seed between the folds in the soil, through the passing of time, underneath the send. The soil shelds that seed, and patience teaches it to ripen. Man grows it. His gaze makes it mature, his spirit feeds it.
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Perfect for...

For those who love to immerse themselves in nature by discovering the unusual and unknown essences of its beauty.

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Il collezionista di mostri (Italian only)

Personaggio poliedrico, a lungo dimenticato, Antonio Vallisneri è stato uno dei più grandi esponenti della cultura scientifica del Settecento. Con il suo metodo di indagine, che richiama il metodo galileiano, basato sulle esperienze, e che attribuisce un ruolo fondamentale al viaggio e all’osservazione della natura dal vivo, svela l’infondatezza di molte teorie tramandate dall’antichità. Con ironia e leggerezza, accompagnati dal figlio Tonino e dalla giovane Cencia, conosciamo un padrone di casa allegro e un po’ bizzarro, sempre all’opera, un grande scienziato dedito a far conoscere a tutti il meraviglioso libro della natura. Al termine del libro, schede di approfondimento su Vallisneri, il suo metodo di indagine, le sue scoperte scientifiche, e le sue preziose collezioni che hanno dato vita ai musei dell’Università di Padova.
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Raccontami di lei (Tell Me About Her) Italian only

Writers, journalists, educators, politicians, scientists, actresses, doctors, philosophers, entrepreneurs, sportswomen, painters, and philanthropists. Many women have made their talent shine, despite yesterday, as I still true today, that the road is not free from tough terrain. Raccontami di lei is a portrait of just a few women who have left their mark on Padua, the third volume published by Padua University Press and edited by the editorial staff of Il Bo Live tells just some of these important stories.
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"La scienza nascosta nei luoghi di Padova" (The Science Hidden in Padua -Italian only) There are 33 hidden locations within Padua that are marked by science, and for which many are also marked by history and art. Places near and far, ancient and new. From the secrets of the historic Palazzo Bo, to modern innovative hubs driven in the fight against cancer, as well as places where new sources of clean and renewable energy are studied. These are the places and the tools used so we can learn all we can about our universe and ourselves. Because for eight centuries the profound vocation of Padua has been science, or rather, the pursuit of knowledge. The science hidden in Padua is a guide that compels you discover a city that continues to surprise and innovate.

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Striped necktie

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Who is Milla? An extraordinary determined woman and tireless scholar known all over the world. Milla was first a student at the University of Padua and then a colleague among the world’s best physicists. Massimilla Baldo Ceolin, known as ‘Milla’, was a pioneer of particle physics. Thanks to years of her cutting-edge research, she also earned the nicknames “the lady of the neutrino” and “the lady of the antilambda.”

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