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Noi, Galileo e la luna (Italian only)

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‘Noi, Galileo e la luna’ is the first volume in the “free stories” series of illustrated historical storybooks for children. Each story features innovative, engaging, and important characters, some of which are quite famous, others less known, but who are all intertwined with the history of Padua and its prestigious University. Each of these extraordinary characters can be characterized by their freedom of thought, their unequivocal quest for discovery and their thirst for knowledge.

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For those who want delve into the fantastic life of Galileo Galilei.

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Hortus miriabilis (English version)

Recalling the magic of the Botanical Garden of Padua by illustrating its artistic and architectural beauty, accompanied by a rich analysis of images and never before published photographs.

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Un sogno alla velocità della luce (Italian only)

Un sogno alla velocità della luce is part of the historical novels for children in the Storie Libere series. Available only in Italian, each book offers an innovative and engaging story for kids ages 9 and up. Protagonists from each story are either well known, or well noted, but all have lives intertwined with the history of Padua and its prestigious University.
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The University 1601-1805

The University of Padua over the centuries (1601-1805), edited by Piero Del Negro and Francesco Piovan. Covering the period between 1601 and 1805 with a collection of documents, introductions, and translations (when needed) that highlights the most prominent institutional aspects of the University’s history, includes 122 images.

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Intellettuali e uomini di corte (Italian only)

Available only in Italian Intellettuali e uomini di corte. Padova e lo spazio europeo fra Cinque e Seicento di Anna Bettoni, Rocco Coronato, Monica Fin, Cinzia Franchi, Ciro Giacomelli, Alessandra Petrina, Marcello Piacentini, Ester Pietrobon, Lavinia Prosdocimi, Franco Tomasi, Niccolò Zorzi; a cura di Ester Pietrobon Presentazione di Rosario Rizzuto e Annalisa Oboe PATAVINA LIBERTAS Una storia europea dell’Università di Padova (1222-2022) Progetti Donzelli – Padova University Press, 2021
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Milla (Italian only)

Who is Milla? An extraordinary determined woman and tireless scholar known all over the world. Milla was first a student at the University of Padua and then a colleague among the world’s best physicists. Massimilla Baldo Ceolin, known as ‘Milla’, was a pioneer of particle physics. Thanks to years of her cutting-edge research, she also earned the nicknames “the lady of the neutrino” and “the lady of the antilambda.”

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L’Università di Padova. Otto secoli di Storia (Italian version)

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Il collezionista di mostri (Italian only)

Available only in Italian, Il collezionista di mostri share the story of Antonio Vallisneri, one of the greatest exponents of the scientific culture of the eighteenth century. With his method of research and experimentation, taken from the Galilean method, Vallisneri uses real experiences, an attributes them the fundamental role needed to observe nature. Vallisneri reveals the baselessness of many theories handed down from antiquity with irony and lightness. The book takes the reader, accompanied by his son Tonino and the young Cencia, to meet a somewhat bizarre man who never stops working. This man, a great scientist, is dedicated to making everyone aware of the wonderful world of nature. The book included in-depth information on Vallisneri, his method of investigation, his scientific discoveries, and his precious collections that gave life to the museums of the University of Padua.
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Il mistero dell’anatomista (The mystery of the Anatomist) Italian only

A very young apprentice arrives in Padua to meet Master Jan Stephan van Calcar, a pupil of Titian. A stunning task awaits him; he must complete the drawings for Andrea Vesalius, the scientist in the mist of writing a great anatomical dissertation. The young apprentice is superstitious and prefers to work with paintbrushes and colours, not with corpses. Over time, Vesalius explains the science behind these drawings but the boy remains concerned. A murder involving the family of a girl who is dear to the young apprentice remains unsolved, and it is Vesalius who solves the mystery!

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Raccontami di lei (Tell Me About Her) Italian only

Writers, journalists, educators, politicians, scientists, actresses, doctors, philosophers, entrepreneurs, sportswomen, painters, and philanthropists. Many women have made their talent shine, despite yesterday, as I still true today, that the road is not free from tough terrain. Raccontami di lei is a portrait of just a few women who have left their mark on Padua, the third volume published by Padua University Press and edited by the editorial staff of Il Bo Live tells just some of these important stories.
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Libertas (Italian only)

Available only in Italian
LIBERTAS Tra religione, politica e saperi di: Giulia Albanese, Antonella Barzazi, Luca Beltramini, Paula Findlen, Enrico Francia, Cynthia Klestinec, Margherita Losacco, Adriano Mansi, Hannah Marcus, Andrea Martini, Guglielmo Monetti, Dennj Solera ,Michaela Valente
a cura di:  Andrea Caracausi, Paola Molino, Dennj Solera Presentazione di Daniela Mapelli e Annalisa Oboe PATAVINA LIBERTAS Una storia europea dell’Università di Padova (1222-2022) Progetti Donzelli – Padova University Press, 2022
25,65 (Expires 03 luglio 2022) Buy now
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