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LAMY Studio ballpoint pen

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LAMY Studio ballpoint pen with twist-action mechanism by Swiss designer, Hannes Wettstein

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Perfect for...

Perfect for...

For those who love essential lines

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Don’t lose your place! Use the bookmark featuring the photographic image of the Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia University statue located in Palazzo Bo and let the first female university graduate in the world inspire you.

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LAMY Studio fountain pen

The LAMY Safari fountain pen of extreme design, simple and essential but at the same time captivating, personalized with the University of Padua writing on the barrel. The particular clip immediately stands out, ending in a flat and rounded shape
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Pre-sharpened pencil with four-leaf clover topper featuring a "Università di Padova" engraving.

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LAMY Safari fountain pen

The LAMY Safari fountain pen is modern and timeless, don't miss the Università di Padova customized version, collect all 4 beautiful colours! LAMY Safari created a stir during its market launch in the early 1980s with its cutting-edge design and prominent spring clip. A modern design classic that has established itself as a highly sought after universal lifestyle product. Designed by Wolfgang Fabian
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Noi, Galileo e la luna (Italian only)

Who is Galileo Galilei? For Virginia he is Gali, the older brother with whom she spies into the summer skies in search for stars with. Gali, is also a scholar to be admired and a scientist to be respected. However, many years later, Virginia and Galileo set out to conquer the Universe together. Learn more about Galileo through the eyes of the people closest to him.

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The Galileo pencil

Take notes with the Galileo pencil featuring the portrait of Galileo Galilei, which can be found in the Aula Magna of Palazzo Bo, the historic site of the University of Padua.

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Harvey pencil

Take notes with the pencil featuring the portrait of William Harvey printed in color. Harvey was the first to discover the full blood circulatory system in the human body.
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